Family Faith Training

What is Family Faith Training?

Family Faith Training is a lifelong pathway for Clear Springs Church and parents to partner in the spiritual development of children – from birth through high school to adulthood. Together, Clear Springs Church and our families celebrate the moments a child or teenager publicly marks his or her journey with God.
A Family Faith Training seminar is intended to help families draw close to each other, to your church family, and to God.

Our next seminar is the Parent/Child Dedication.  This seminar will be offered after the worship service on Sunday, August 27, 2017.  This milestone is the first step down the path of Family Faith Training. It is for Christian parents who desire to dedicate themselves to be the primary faith trainers in the development of their children’s personal faith. Parents, this seminar will open your eyes to God’s clear directions for you regarding the faith training responsibilities you have been given.  It will also encourage you to desire to fulfill this God-given role and equip you as you begin the journey. You will be biblically challenged, yet also provided with guidance that will help you accomplish the goal.  It is our desire that you will accept this challenge, allowing us to partner with you in this vital faith training process.  Those who complete this seminar will then be given the opportunity to participate in our annual Parent/Child Dedication Ceremony on Sunday, September 10, during the worship service.  You can use our Contact tab to request more information or to sign up to participate.  Lunch and childcare are included.  We look forward to partnering with your family in the spiritual development of your child!