Be the Church

Be the Church is one Sunday each year when we unite as a church family and use the day to help serve other families in our community who could use a helping hand. As Clear Springs, one of our core values is Serving Together.  This event helps us live out that value.  While it’s our desire that we would all personally help others throughout the year, this event simply reminds us of the call and the need to love others the way God loves us! And gives us the opportunity to do it together! To accomplish this, we dedicate one Sunday a year to these community service activities. This year’s Be the Church event will be held Sunday, September 30, 2018. We’ll meet at the church that Sunday at 9:30am, get our assignments, pray together, and then head out in teams to our project locations. Some will stay at the church and clip coupons that will be given away for military families to use. If you have coupons we can give away, you can drop them by the church between now and then. Others will go off-site to individual homes and non-profit organizations to help meet some physical labor needs. We’re still on the look-out for more projects we can do together to help others in our community. If you’re aware of an opportunity for us to impact the lives of others by serving together, please let us know so that we can follow up. You can let us know by leaving us a message using the Contact Us tab here. We hope you’ll partner with us this year!  Thanks for Building a Lasting Faith in Christ by Serving!